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BGE Translation Group

BGE Translation Group was established to address our customers' needs to communicate critical information to their businesses in different languages.


We provide strategic communication solutions aimed at rendering a customized translation service.


We combine a wide experience in the market, achieving excellent results in each project.


Our commitment towards our customers is our top priority when rendering translation services.

Our Services

A professional translation is a combination of knowledge, experience, translation tools, available sources, and the ability to understand and translate the text properly. Good relations with our customers are built on reliability and timeliness of the work, which constitutes the basis for mutual confidence.

Document Types

Marketing documents and press releases, financial and commercial documents, public documents, technical and scientific documents, personal documents, documents for residence abroad and university documents, texts in general, web pages, audio transcriptions and translations, among others.




Clients have relied on our translation services


Years of experience providing a customized and high-quality service


Freelance translators specialized in different areas


BGE Translation Group has a well-defined and proven process that adapts to different clients and their respective translation projects. Our superior, high-quality project management techniques ensure that projects are completed on time, with no costs overruns and without requiring clients to invest more time and effort than desired.

Aside from continually keeping watch over our translation processes and making adjustments whenever they can add efficiency, improving overall quality and effectiveness of our tasks and procedures, we focus on new technologies to maintain high levels of quality translations.

These are some of the companies we have provided our translation services to:

Why choose BGE Translation Group

BGE Translation Group offers you a unique set of skills and experience that will make us your partner of choice for translation services.


The experience acquired over the years, together with training, updating and research, are the best tools we have to provide you with a high quality service.


We have structured our organization to be focused on the type of service provided and industry in question. Our knowledge and experience allow for a clear understanding of the critical issues of the different industries in which our clients operate.


We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs in order to provide the best possible service. Each client is unique in terms of their requirements and needs, and we treat them in a personalized way.

Multidisciplinary Teams

The basis of our service is an integrated work team, composed of professionals with different backgrounds and from different areas of specialization, who work complementing each other, according to the needs of our clients, maintaining the same work dynamics.

Our Commitment to the Client

In BGE Translation Group, our commitment towards our customers is our top priority when rendering translation services. We are committed to delivering a work of quality, led by highly-skilled professionals, offering a customized service. We aim at working together with our customers so as to understand their needs and, thus, render the appropriate service.

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We would like to express our firm intention to start a new business relationship, providing our translation services that will help to the development of your businesses, with the commitment and quality that characterizes us. We aim at working together with our clients to fully understand their needs so as to render the appropriate services, since each client has specific requirements and needs that are dealt with on a customized basis.


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